Aircraft Details:
Total Hours:        8041
Total Landings:      3877
In Service Date      October 2002

Engines: Honeywell TFE-731-60-1C MSP Gold $427/hr
                                            #1                 #2               #3
Total Hours:                     7741            7652            7649
Engine Cycles:                 3726            3680            3687

APU: Honeywell GTC P 36-150(F) MSP $128/hr
Total Hours: 4240

Aircraft Highlights:

API Blended Winglets
Honeywell Primus Elite Avionics Suite w/ Synthetic Vision
GoGo Avance L5 High Speed data
HGS-2850 HUD and Triple FMS with 6.1 software
3C Inspection c/w Jan 2021 Dassault Wilmington
Forward Crew and Rear VIP Lavatories
New 2019 Paint Duncan Aviation BTL


This aircraft is completed with a fourteen (14) passenger executive interior featuring forward and aft lavatories, large galley with left side annex and 3 distinct and elegant cabin zones.
The galley is equipped with a sink, warming oven and coffee.  The left auxiliary galley offers storage, microwave as well as the entertainment system.
The forward cabin is configured with four (4) place club seating pull out executive tables. The mid cabin features a four (4) place conference group opposite the credenza. The aft cabin offers dual three (3) place divans. 
Additional storage includes a 17” forward right hand cabinet with storage drawers, 40” middle cabinet in the credenza, 35” aft cabinet for china storage. New Interior by Dassault 2011.
All seating is done in neutral Marble color leather with Royal accents complimented by coordinating carpeting, high gloss medium cherry wood veneer and polished gold colored plating.
Entertainment features include Airshow 400, Dual BluRay Players, 20” forward and aft HD monitors, and 3 10” plug-in HD monitors.  Inflight connectivity is through a True North SATCOM system with 3 handsets, and Gogo Biz Avance L5  high speed data and WiFi

 Honeywell Primus Elite Integrated Avionics Suite including:
 Synthetic Vision

 Honeywell Primus DU 875 5 Tube LCD EFIS Aisplays
 Flight Dynamics HGS-2850 Head-Up Guidance System (HUD)

 Triple Honeywell FMZ-2000 FMS w/Dual WAAS GPS and v 6.1 Software
 Triple    Honeywell LASEREF IV IRS
 Triple Baker B1045 Audio Control Units
 EICAS (Engine Indication/Crew Alerting System)
 Honeywell Primus 880 Weather Radar w/ Dual Controllers
 Dual Collins DME 442
 Dual Collins ADF 462
 Dual Collins VHF-422C Communication Radios
 Dual Collins HF-9000 High Frequency Radios w/SECAL
 Dual Collins TDR 94D Mode S Transponders ADS B Out
 Aviator 300 SATCOM and ATG 5000 Global High Speed Data
 Honeywell EGPWS (Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System)
 Collins TCAS-4000 (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) v 7.1
 Honeywell SSCVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder)


Airshow 400/Genesys
Honeywell Autothrottle
Devore Tail Recognition Lights
Pulsed Landing/Taxi Lights
Service & Baggage Compartment Lights
115 cu. ft Oxygen Bottle
Auxiliary 115V 60Hz (1200VA) Power
Dual Audio International VCR Players
CD Player
Drink Ledge Plug-In Receptacles / Monitors
Crew ERDA Jump Seat w/Cockpit Intercom
Forward & Aft Bulkhead Monitors



Falcon 900EX SN 112

(410) 972-4640