We are passionate about carefully guiding our clients through every step of the acquisition or sales process.

Aircraft for Sale

Knowledge = Information + Experience

Aircraft Sales & Acquisition

Our unmatched market information combined with our extensive experience allow us to provide our clients with Market Knowledge that leaves them confident that they are acquiring the best current value in the market.

Beyond identifying the best value, we leverage our experience and attention to detail to deliver a seamless acquisition process.

Value > Price

There is more to value than price – in many cases, much more. Our proprietary value analysis presents candidate aircraft on a level field and allows our client to determine the best value taking their preferences into consideration.


There is no guess work. We know the market and employ proprietary analytic tools to very accurately determine the current market value of our client’s aircraft. We identify and clearly convey market trends to allow our clients to make timely selling decisions.


Experience counts – because no two transactions are the same. Having completed hundreds of transactions, we offer our clients unique insight and closely guide them through the critical negotiation stage once a buyer has engaged.


Knowing where potential pitfalls may arise allows our clients to negotiate and enter into a contract that protects their interest and minimizes their risk. We work closely with and are respected by many of the industry’s leading legal advisors.

Technical Representation

Working in parallel with client’s flight departments or operators, we closely monitor the progress of the aircraft technical assessment and stay ahead of any issues that may jeopardize the transaction.

Closing & Documentation

There are no surprises, no delays, and no excuses. Our transaction team closely monitors the progress of the transaction from the initial stages to ensure our sales close on time and in accordance with our clients’ expectations.

Ardent Jet Partners

Who We Are

Ardent Jet Partners puts our superior market and product knowledge to work for our clients to provide them with the critical information they need to make correct, timely decisions.

 Market knowledge is a very important aspect of buying and selling and aircraft, but it’s not the only part. Successful transaction execution is driven by experienced professionals. We make buying or selling an easy, smooth evolution for our clients and protect their interest through each step of the process.

 With global industry veterans experienced in operations, maintenance, management, financing and documenting, Ardent Jet Partners deploys a comprehensive team approach to achieve success in each and every transaction.

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